Sam has a passion for buying and selling Rolex watches. He makes sure all watches he sells are not only gorgeous, but also top-quality, fully functional, and jawdroppingly beautiful. This website was founded in 2018, and is (still!) frequently updating and expanding our selection. Sam has been buying and selling on Ebay since late 2011, and started using Amazon in early 2013.

Our mission is to become one of the most trusted Rolex dealers around. With many sales over the years, we pride ourselves in happy customers, beautiful timepieces, and unbelievable prices. We love creating a convenient, reliable way for our customers to shop for luxury watches. All of our watches have been tested for quality and are from the finest suppliers. Our timepieces come with a free two-year warranty to put our customers at ease.

Sams Watches is a family-owned company located in the Seybold Building. The Seybold Building is the 2nd largest jewelry building in America, and is located in the heart of Downtown Miami. Originally created in 1921, over 300 jewelers and luxury watch dealers reside in the 10 floors in the Seybold Building.